Wedding Brochure


Wedding Brochure



Wedding Dress Brochure/Leaflet

Colours and Tones: Bright tones, Pastel tones, Silky texture or colours

Left: Promoting Statements

Centre: the image that shows an engagement with brides and grooms (bond with this wedding boutique as like the couples bond each other)

right: the information about the event



[Poster] Mental Health Week


Mental Health Week 2013

Purpose: to give more awareness of mental health


people: all ages from young child to an elderly person, all sexes

Texts on brains: thoughts about themselves (they do not realize they have illness in their thoughts and mentals.. People think themselves healthy.

Header: the title of event which is going to be promoted/advertised

Footer: the place where the event is taken at, contacts, website

Green: known as the healthies colour (eye relaxing, warm saturation, freshness)

Simulation & Products


Big Box


bigbox_simu copy

Big box: Logo applied on Box (promotion, advertisement)

A Logo proportion has set to the ration of the box surface.








Menu: Cafe (The Coffeebean House)

The two-sectioned column in a menu page, clear layout under categories and margins, and monospaced san-sherif fonts for clearer viewing.

Photographs are added as a reference.



2.1poster copy

event: Jazz Music Festival (All That Jazz), Mar 13 – 18, 2018

Sponsored event (sponsor logos appear on poster)

mood board/atmosphere: dynamic, dim, random, expressive, soul

8.5 x 11 inch







Event: Jazz Music Festival (All That Jazz) Mar 13-18, 2018

type: gif (animated banner, not shown in this post)

sponsored: Major sponsors are appearing on this banner

The most important infos are shown in this banner since it needs to give the information  at a short time while people are searching around for every seconds.

11 x 8.5 inch

Hyem, sharing a passion of design with you

This is e-portfolio of Graphic design created by Hyemin Kwon, who have studied in various art and design fields for years.

This e-portfolio reflects the style, colour variations, personality, efforts, and qualities of Hyem. each work has its own style and concept, which lead of appropriate combinations of elements and layouts to promote each event.

The graphic design is not limitted to posters and banners, but also logos, cards, webs, and all other forms of designs which have contents and/or figures to promote.